Prophets of Rage

If you're a fan of protest songs and don't know about Prophets of Rage, now might be a good time to start. Comprised of explosive musicians from Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, the Prophets pick up their banners from where they last dropped them to once again lead the fight against dangerous times with dangerous songs.

Every item listed in the official Prophets of Rage merch store are made in the U.S., a distinction that not even individuals who bought the Oval Office can make. Shop band T-shirts, official tour gear, tank tops, patches, bags, accessories, buttons, posters and more. Don't forget to pick up a red, five-panel snapback cap! These hats feature bright white embroidered lettering suggesting we "Make America Rage Again." The caps are reminiscent of the same ones megalomaniacs wear from time to time, but only Prophets' hats are made in America. Sad!

The Party's Over - Clear the Way, It's Time to Take the Power Back

Prophets of Rage members Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk, Chuck D, B-Real and DJ Lord aren't here to play. All of them are veterans of the "rage politik" genre, each bringing their talents to signal boost the frustration and discontent fomenting throughout the citizenry as a result of current political turmoil and upheaval.

For everyone who has been asking, "Where is Rage Against the Machine? Where is Public Enemy? Where is Cypress Hill? Where are our anti-establishment musical leaders?" here is your answer. As you can imagine, when the members of three of the most "mainstream" anti-establishment groups combine, the result is what can only be described as a super group hell bent on tearing down the superpowers pulling all the strings.

The Prophets of Rage first EP, "The Party's Over" features original songs and covers of powerful hits from the super group's "original" sub-bands. The 2016-17 world tour "Make America Rage Again," kicked off in Cleveland as a planned protest against the 2016 Republican National Convention held in the same city. Proceeds from the tour are donated to local homeless charities at each stop.

For more information on Prophets of Rage's pure revolutionary sonic firepower, check out their official website here.